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Free 7-day pass for online classes

With sickness, virus and panic spreading widely because of this global pandemic, we at Gracie Barra understand the importance of HEALTH at this crucial time. Health of the body, mind and spirit. 


So let's get through the pandemic together and keep our health at the forefront during this time. We are all in this together, so let's make the most of this times and come out Stronger Together as a Martial Arts Family!

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Parents! Struggling To Keep Your Kids Active During These Difficult Times?


Kids are stuck at home with no friends & nothing to do. You may be thinking you need to find something to keep the kids preoccupied, instead of allowing them to play all day on their screens.

We at Gracie Barra understand how important Health is at

this time. Health of the Body, Mind and Spirit.


That's why we're excited to offer a Free Virtual 7 Day Voucher to our regular Virtual Classes. Our classes will keep your kids stay active, healthy and happy during this crazy time in our history... in the comfort of your very own home.

So don't let your child stay glued to a screen all day. Martial Arts will give them something that will mentally stimulate their brain, physically strengthen their body & spiritually calm the mind.

Let's take advantage of this time of self-isolation by giving them the tools needed to succeed in life! 

We absolutely love seeing our students improve their:

✅Respect For Others
✅Worth Ethic
✅Self-Defense Skills
✅Physical & Mental Strength


plus much, much more...

Contact us now and get your 7-day free trial

There is NO obligation by signing up. You are simply just stating you are interested in learning more about the virtual session. We have limited space, so we must work on a first come, first serve basis, so please sign up before we run out! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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