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Barra Fit

BarraFit - martial arts inspired fitness program

BARRAFIT is a new, specialized program offered through Gracie Barra that draws on the training methods of GB with the exception of the belt system, to build a martial arts inspired fitness program. It incorporates the philosophy, teaching and training methods of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu into classes that are specifically designed to help individuals meet their fitness goals. However, BarraFit is more than just a workout. It is a fitness program built with the same components that make the Gracie Barra training experience so unique, inspiring, welcoming, challenging and safe. The BARRAFIT program goes beyond the typical “get into shape” aspiration. The program aims at building a strong mind as the foundation for a strong and fit body by teaching the same values we teach to regular Jiu-Jitsu practitioners to help them succeed on their journeys from white to black belt. BARRAFIT  is fitness with a purpose. The purpose of achieving one’s personal best.

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