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All Gracie Barra Langley professor and coaches are certified Gracie Barra instructors. In addition to completing an extensive certification program, they have to provide a police background check and a first aid certification course.



Head Instructor

Gracie Barra black belt 1st degree under Prof Rodrigo Carvalho.
Fabio started practicing jiu-jitsu with Gracie Barra at the age of 15, in his hometown Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fabio is proud of his bronze medal in the 1997 Pan Ams but his passion lies in teaching and sharing with our community the benefits jiu-jitsu brings to our life. Fabio has been training with Gracie Barra since the white belt. He is a certified Gracie Barra jiu-jitsu instructor and has been coaching kids, teenagers and adults since 2012.

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Gracie Barra black belt.
Rodrigo has been practising jiu jitsu for more than 15 years. Before arriving in Canada, Rodrigo trained with Gracie Barra Av Americas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he was also a coach. Rodrigo is a certified Gracie Barra instructor.



Women and Kids Head Instructor

Gracie Barra purple belt.

Rosana is the head instructor for our GBF - women's program - and GBK - kid's program. With lots of experience teaching kids from 3y to 16y old, she is always excited to share the values of Gracie Barra and the benefits of jiu-jitsu with our kids. Her passion lies in teaching the kids how to defend themselves and preparing them for competitions, helping each kid to achieve their full potential.

Rosana is also an active competitor and can be seen performing at a wide range of tournaments including the IBJJF Worlds Master.

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